Name: Allanah King
Educational Institution: Appleby Primary School, Nelson, New Zealand
Teaching Environment: Year Four and Five, 8-10 year olds
Web 2.0 Focus: Blogging and podcasting
Description: I use blogging in my classroom in a variety of ways. I first started blogging as a way of sharing our learning with our community and showcasing some of our activities in the classroom. From there it grew as more children became conversant with the technology. I encourage our readership to make comments about our posting so as to promote feedback. From there our blog became a resource centre and repository for our web links- links to other blogging classes, links to maths reinforcement games, links to our other web sites (wiki, podcast, video, child blogs etc). Lastly we have recently begun using Blogmeister as more of a self reflective journal where children can record their thoughts from school or home. /blog.php?blogger_id=70735 With podcasting, we have been learning how to craft our speaking skills and communicate with classes in far off lands using Skype.
Teaching and Learning: Through blogging and podcasting we have become creators and contributors to content on the internet, communicating and collaborating with children in other hemispheres and time zones.
Preferred Applications: For blogging we use Blogger and for podcasting we use Podomatic
Mentor(s) and Hero(es): Mark Treadwell NZ, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, David Warlick, Miguel Guhlin
Favorite Web 2.0 Applications Right Now: