Name: David Deubelbeiss

Website: http://eflclassroom.ning.com

Educational Institution: Ewha Woman's University, Graduate School of TESOL, Seoul, Korea

Teaching Environment: InService and graduate level EFL teachers - both Korean and foreign

Web 2.0 Focus: File sharing, Social Networking, TESOL and technology

Description: I am primarily focused on innovative ways to teach language and especially motivate young learners. Music rules adolescent life and is THE most successful method promoting language learning and retention. I produce my own karaoke songs and give workshops instructing teachers on how to do this using the karafun player. See my screencast which teachers also use. Through our esnips filesharing site, teachers have access to an amazing library of songs to use quickly, immediately in their classrooms. ( Pop, Korean, Kids, Stories)

Teaching and Learning: Music motivates students. It is interactive and language focused. Allows for language production and repetition which facilitates English language learning. Easy to use, one click and to prepare. Adaptable (learner requested) and teachers can easily change the tempo of the song or the words/lyrics.

Preferred Applications: Esnips for file sharing (up to 5gb), Karafun player for teacher and student making of the karaoke songs. Sing shot for extending and making community through karaoke singing.

Mentor(s) and Hero(es): Really nobody. Just loved music and one day years ago in Kyiv, Ukraine, we had a staff party with a karaoke machine. It hit me that wow! this should be in the classroom! Only recently technology has caught up to the idea...

Favorite Web 2.0 Applications Right Now: I love the potential of Voicethread. Also, English Central, a site I'm a part of. Both are amazing for language learning, communication and real penetrating educational experiences. Finally, the use and availability and streaming of voice is good and finally these will allow millions of English language learners the world over to get quality "real" English language exposure and learning.