Name: Elizabeth B. Davis
Website: http://www.edtechpower.blogspot .com/
Educational Institution: Wellesley High School Technology Integration Specialist - I just got a new job this summer, so my answers to your questions are going to be based on the work I did last year at the Runkle School, a K-8 public school in Brookline, MA
Teaching Environment: In my new position I am working with High School Students 9th - 12th grade. Previously I worked with students K-8
Web 2.0 Focus: Podcasting
Description: Last year I developed a project called the Brookline Book Review Podcasting Project. I worked with students and teachers K-8 to help them write and record book reviews and posted them on our Website: www.runkle.org. The children wrote the review in their classroom, I provided a template to guide them. They then came in to the computer lab and we used Garage Band to record their podcasts.
Teaching and Learning: This was a really exciting project because the kids loved recording their voices and hearing themselves and their friends Online. One of the most exciting thing about the project is that it worked K-8. It was a project that the entire school could participate in and feel part of. It served as a way to bring us together as a faculty and as students. I also worked very closely with our Librarian (Teresa Gallo-Toth) on this project. It helped to tie our two departments together.
Preferred Applications: I use Blogger for Blogging, Google Reader as an Aggregator, Google docs for word processing (as much as possible). I just started playing with twitter.
Mentor(s) and Hero(es): I was inspired to start podcasting at the Building Learning Communities conference in July of 2006. It was Tim Tyson's presentation that really got me thinking about ways to use podcasting in the classroom.
Favorite Web 2.0 Applications Right Now: I think twittervision and flickrvision both have a lot of potential for use in the classroom. I'm not sure how yet, but I definitely plan to show these sites to teachers this year.