Joyce Kasman Valenza
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Educational Institution: Association Springfield Township High School
Teaching Environment: Grades 8-12 and a wonderful faculty and community
Web 2.0 Focus: Wikis, blogs, digital storytelling
Description: We've been using 2.0 tools for nearly two years. It's hard to choose.
One real successful project was our Hamlet community blogs:
We've podcast vocabulary:
We've created grammar video learning objects:
We've used Flickr to create art galleries:
clipart galleries:
And to illustrate vocabulary:
You might like these to focus:
This strategy asks students involved in longterm research projects to share their progress in blog format. I've suggested some blog categories, but students may pick and choose and add categories that make sense for their particular research needs. The blog encourages reflection. It also makes the research process far more transparent and invites online intervention and collaboration. Teachers, librarians, mentors, and peers can guide learners through what is normally a lonely and chaotic process.
Wiki Pathfinder or Reading List
I love the idea of migrating traditional library pathfinders and reading lists to wiki format. Pathfinders should be organic and collaborative. Reading lists could grow more alive with links to reviews--both professional and student, relevant documents, links to related media.
For the full rationale, check out my SLJ posts here: (Steve, feel free to pull sections from this stuff!)
Thought we are just at the beginning of collaboration here, we have some preliminary models. Check out our summer reading list wiki:
A couple of pathfinders:
Teaching and Learning: These tools have inspired our students to write and contribute. The concept of audience, beyond teacher's eyes only, elevates the importance of some of the things we've always valued: among them the ability to communicate, the need for clarity and precision, the need to engage. These tools have motivated our students to create, and to create stuff that contributes to knowledge within our learning community and beyond.
Preferred Applications: EduBlogs/Learnerblogs, Wikispaces, Flickr, too many to mention!
Mentor(s) and Hero(es): For me, it's not individuals but groups--the gang I follow on Twitter, the folks at Edubloggercon at NECC, the edtechtalk folks, the several Nings I belong to including EdubloggerWorld, TeacherLibrarianNing, Classroom 2.0, Coming of Age 2.0.
Favorite Web 2.0 Applications Right Now: I love VoiceThread for its ease of use. Folks can immediate share or collaborate on a digital story.

• Your favorite / most exciting other Web 2.0 tool(s) right now I

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