"Why Web 2.0 Is Critical to the Future of Education"


Steve Hargadon

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Ten Web 2.0 Trends That Will Have a Profound Impact on Education:

  1. A New Publishing Revolution
  2. A Tidal Wave of Information
  3. Everything Is Becoming Participative
  4. The New Pro-sumers
  5. The Age of the Collaborator
  6. An Explosion of Innovation
  7. The World Gets Even Flatter and Faster
  8. Social Learning Moves Toward Center Stage
  9. The Long Tail
  10. Social Networking Opens Up the Party

Educational Shifts:
  • From consuming to producing
  • From authority to transparency
  • From the expert to the facilitator
  • From the lecture to the hallway
  • From access to information to access to people
  • From learning about to learning to be
  • From passive to passionate learning
  • From presentation to participation
  • From publication to conversation
  • From formal schooling to lifelong learning
  • From supply-push to demand-pull

Bombshell: Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education

What You Can Do:
  • Learn About Web 2.0
  • Lurk
  • Participate: Become Personally Engaged
  • Digest: The Answer to Information Overload Is to Produce More Information
  • Teach Content Production
  • Make Education a Public Discussion
  • Help Build the New Playbook

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